Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Of dog bites, a firefly, and insomnia

It's around 1:00am, or sometime slightly past midnight. I was with a band of individuals whose faces I knew I've seen before. I just fail to recognize them by names.

We were walking pass a blindingly dark alley. Suddenly, a horde of dogs started chasing us. My companions were able to outrun them...and me. I drained out of vitality, of luck. One dog jumped straight up and landed on me. That one vicious bite sent me to a panic. I woke up.

~ ~ ~

It was just a dream – one of those inexplicable strange events I’ve been dealing with every night. I sat up with my back leaning against the wall. I noticed a single firefly, or probably something else that resembles one, that kept flying in random patterns on a constant glow. I thought it was just some yellow-green LED light from stuff on my work desk. No. It was moving. I tried to close my eyes for a few seconds. Opened. The firefly was still there.

It was odd. For more than two years of stay here, I’ve never seen one frolicking at our place. So I decided to get up and switch on the lights. I looked back at where I saw that luminosity. There was nothing there. No insect. No flying creature.

~ ~ ~

Out of curiousity, I turned on my laptop and googled about the dream. One reads: “Being bitten by a dog indicates you may be dealing with a guilty conscience. The dog is also a dream symbol for instinct. Being attacked by a dog may suggest you may be acting too much on impulse - think before you act.”

By any chance, it struck me. Yes, I lie sometimes. Everyone does. I only commit the minor ones though. Furthermore, I am impulsive. I’ve lived trying to cope with this attitude for years. I’ve been making efforts of at least changing myself if I can’t take this affliction off my system.

~ ~ ~

I should probably go back to sleep. Maybe I’ll get to see that firebug again when the light in the room goes off. Maybe I won't.

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