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How to Download, Install, and Use Winamp Media Player

Howdy, tips-n-tuters! It had been a busy week for me so I wasn't able to post new stuff here. That aside, I'll start things off with an absurd salesman talk:

Are you sick of your boring media player? Windows Media Player? LOOOOOL, that is so 90's. Why not give Winamp a shot. No, a big shot!

What is Winamp?

I'm not so good with words so I'll just quote something from
"Winamp is a media player for Windows-based PCs and Android devices, written by Nullsoft, now a subsidiary of AOL. It is proprietary freeware/shareware, multi-format, extensible with plug-ins and skins, and is noted for its graphical sound visualization, playlist, and media library features. Winamp was developed by American programmer Justin Frankel and Russian programmer Dmitry Boldyrev, and its popularity grew quickly, along with the developing trend of MP3 file-sharing."
Winamp (Standard) is free. Going straight to business, here's how to download, install, and use Winamp Media Player:

Downloading and Installing the Lastest Winamp Media Player Installer

1.) Click here to download the latest Winamp Media Player (v5.622 as of writing) and wait for it to finish.

2.) After downloading, go to the download folder (or wherever the downloaded file was saved) and run the Winamp Installer to start the installation.

3.) Follow the step-by-step instructions below. (Note: I might have missed a step or two but overall, it's just common sense.)

Installer Language : English

Next >

I Agree

Destination Folder : C:\Program Files\Winamp (by default, recommended)
Next >

Choose Components : Custom (recommended)
Next >

Choose Start Options : Check all options (recommended)
Next >

Additional Features : It's your choice here. I'd uncheck all these, but that's just me. :)
Next >

Install Nitro PDF Reader : Again, the choice is yours.


(Installation Complete)

First time, One-time Winamp Setup

I'm too lazy to explain this part in details so I'll just list my preference for the setup.

Choose Skin : New! Bento Skin

File Associations : Leave it as it is.

Choose Online Services : Leave it as it is.

User Feedback : Your choice. Do or Don't - doesn't matter.

(wait for Winamp to initialize)

...and Winamp is ready to use!

My Everyday Winamp Media Player

The following setup is just my personal preference. There's virtually a lot of things you can do with your Winamp player - use a custom skin, transform it into a videoke (karaoke) player, browse the internet, etc.

1.) On the upper-right portion of your Winamp player window, click on the Windowshade Mode button (to the left of the Close button - see image below).

Your player should transform into a space-saving, ergonomic strip as shown below.

2.) Position your mouse pointer on an empty area near the seeker (that small moving button to the left of the window buttons), right-click, and follow the following sequence:

Window Settings > Opacity > 50% (or whatever suits you, see image below)

That should make your player a bit transparent, making it less likely to grab your attention while you're using your PC. After all, you're using Winamp to listen to tunes and probably will only reach for it if to switch songs or adjust the volume.

Most, if not all, of your music files have automatically been associated with Winamp during the installation process so there's no need to worry about playing them on the program. Feel free to scrutinize your new Winamp player and learn about its great features. Lastly, don't forget to give back some love by sharing this tutorial with your friends, followers, circles, and the rest of the world. :D
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