Thursday, December 08, 2011

Know your boobs, save your life

"Calling all Boobies, breasts and bosums, it’s time we got personal." - CoppaFeel

Posting this might probably cause a fraction of the crowd to think of me as some kind of a creeper. No, I wasn’t googling for boobs, or anything soft, warm and cuddly. I was studying about infographics (sounding defensively, it's work-related - I study the internet for a living) and stumbled upon this random site.

It's about breast cancer awareness. I thought I'd spread the word out to the female populate and even to those of my kind who values the women in their lives. I have a mother (who, by God's grace, have successfully defeated cancer in the past), a sister, and a lovely girlfriend.

(Click here to view the boobs image in full size.)

Please share if you care.
Visit for more info. 

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