Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Tips 1: Drive Defragmentation, Chrome & Firefox, Windows 7 Shortcuts

Here's last weeks quick tips compilation:

Keyboard Shortcuts
When transferring several blocks of text or files, it's easier to use keyboard shortcuts than right-clicks on the mouse. Select the file (or highlight the text) to be transferred and press Ctrl+C (press Ctrl first, then only release it after pressing C) to copy or Ctrl+X to cut, then press Ctrl+V on the target destination to paste.

Defrag Your Drives
I'd recommend defragging your PC once every month to fully optimize used disk space, repair minor program conflicts and possibly uncover hidden errors and other problems

Quick Browsing
On your browser (Chrome & Firefox), press Ctrl+T to open a new tab in the current window. Pressing Ctrl+Tab allows you to cycle through the different tabs on the same window.

Hibernate vs Shutdown
If your PC is operating under Windows 7, selecting "Hibernate" instead of "Shut Down" allows you to automatically resume when you turn it on again on the last desktop setup you've been working before hibernating. There'd be no need to reopen your last used programs and you even preserve all unsaved documents.

Browser Shortcuts
On your browser, you can press F5 to Refresh the current tab/window, Ctrl+S to save a copy of the webpage to your local drive, and Alt+F4 to close the browser window.

Windows 7 Taskbar Pindown Menu
On Windows 7, you can drag-&-drop icons from your desktop to your taskbar for easier access to your favorite programs.

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