Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to Find Image Information on the Web Using Google Images

Here's quick way of finding any information about an image using Google Images.

1.) Go to

Google Homepage

2.) Click on Images on the Google Toolbar.

Click on Images on the toolbar.

3.) Click on the little camera button by the search bar (right beside the Search Images button). You'll have three options here.

Option 1: Paste image URL  - If the image that you are going to query about comes from a website, right-click on that image and select Copy image URL. Go back to the Google Images window with the Search by image option on, right-click on the search bar and select Paste. Click on the Search button to proceed.

Option 2: Upload an image - If the image is saved on your computer, click on Upload an image, then click on the Choose File button. Browse to the folder where you saved your image, click on it and select the Open button.

Option 3: Click and drag - Go to the folder where you've stored the image that you are going to query about. With your Google Images window open in the background, and your image folder floating in the foreground, click and drag the image (click on it, and don't release the mouse button while moving it) from the folder to the Google Images window.

Drag and drop image on the Google Images window.

Google Images automatically uploads the image file.

4.) Google Images will automatically upload the image file (for options 2 and 3) and then will give you the query results for that image.

Google Images returns with the results for the image query.

Wikipedia presents information about the image.

Wikipedia usually shows up first on the list and often times would return the most accurate info for your image.

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