Saturday, January 28, 2012

1Password - Best Password Manager Software

Worst Passwords

Last November, leading smartphone applications provider SplashData rolled out a list dubbed as the "25 Worst Passwords of the Year" for 2011 - all compiled from files containing millions of stolen passwords that hackers have posted online. This was to provide awareness among online users and to encourage them to adopt stronger passwords. You might want to check out if your password is on the list below:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dropbox - Best Free File-Sharing (File-Hosting) Service - Free Online Data Storage

Ever wished there was a way that you could easily share any file (send files for free) from your computer with your friends just by placing it in a specific folder and automatically they'll have the same file on their computers? Uh, yep! That sounded a bit confusing. I mean, what if you and your friends have this specific folder or directory that only those you authorized can freely access from any desktop PC, notebook, or phone, wherever and whenever? Alright, admittedly, I'm the worst at making explanations so here's a rage comic I made up to visually elucidate on what I was trying to convey:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Best Free Antivirus Software Download for Windows 7

The issue has always been an undying topic for debates on the web. Before the previous year ended, there had been a lot of "Best Free Antivirus Software 2011" articles and forum threads popping out everywhere. You may have been very loyal with your Win 7 virus protection software for years now, but are you actually using the best virus protection program in existence? The question's clear: what is the best antivirus software for Windows 7 then?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Facebook Chat Emoticons (Smileys)

Plain text is boring - one good reason why Facebook have integrated smiley faces for Facebook Chat. If you still haven't familiarized yourself with all Facebook smileys, let's take them one-by-one while I drop some personal comments about these cool emoticons for Facebook.

Highlight-then-Search a Term Browser Feature

Ever been on a situation where you're reading an article on the web and suddenly there's this one word that's apparently new to you? By instinct, you'd highlight-and-copy the term, go to Google and paste it in to search for its meaning.

Here's a tip: if you're not using it yet, or haven't really noticed it at all, you're in luck (well, if you consider making minor tasks like this less tedious, *heh*). It's the Highlight-then-Search a Term feature of most, if not all, browsers.

The process is rather simple: Highlight. Right-click. Search. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

PC - Sleep vs Hibernate vs Shutdown (Windows 7 Power-Off Options)

I've been often asked on how I turn off my Windows 7 PC after use. For most of the time, I'd let it Hibernate. At the end of the day, I’d mostly opt for the Shutdown button. Windows 7 Sleep? I barely use it, though I've always set my PC to sleep after being inactive for 30 minutes. When I'm downloading big files, I'd skip on that option as it pauses or stops the process. The question is which option would I recommend?

IMHO, it depends on the user. Let me further dissect on each power-saving mode.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guitar Basics - Easy Guitar Lessons For Everyone

If anyone tells you that playing the guitar is a gift, an innate talent that you will never ever learn because you are not born with it, well, it’s time to prove them wrong. Famous guitarists weren’t born with a Les Paul attached to their umbilical cord. Long before there was Jimi Hendrix with his insane sweeps, or Maimsteen’s jaw-dropping guitar shreds, or you trying to google about them, here’s a certain fact you should realize --- every guitarist went through the guitar basics. This is what these easy guitar lessons are for.

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