Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dropbox - Best Free File-Sharing (File-Hosting) Service - Free Online Data Storage

Ever wished there was a way that you could easily share any file (send files for free) from your computer with your friends just by placing it in a specific folder and automatically they'll have the same file on their computers? Uh, yep! That sounded a bit confusing. I mean, what if you and your friends have this specific folder or directory that only those you authorized can freely access from any desktop PC, notebook, or phone, wherever and whenever? Alright, admittedly, I'm the worst at making explanations so here's a rage comic I made up to visually elucidate on what I was trying to convey:

Dropbox - Free file-hosting service (Cloud storage), Rage Comics, LOLFace, RageFace, TrollFace

If that wasn't funny enough, nor did it for a split-second make you smile (d'awwww...makes me sad! *foreveralone.jpg*), here's the catch --- the service is called Dropbox. It's a web-based (online) file hosting service (something like MediaFire, RapidShare or MegaUpload) operated by... Dropbox, Inc. (surprise, surprise) that uses cloud storage (online file-sharing and storage system) allowing users to store and share files (and folders) with others across the Internet using file synchronization (or syncing, like what sometimes happens with the contact numbers on both SIM and phone memory). To better understand how this online storage service works, here's an informative video (and sorry if you had no other choice but to experience the tragic humour brought about by my poorly drawn skit above):

I guess the video leaves me nothing else significant to say about this free online data storage awesomeness. IMHO, hands down to this great product. Starting with a cool 2 GB account, that's more than enough cloud storage space one could get for free online. The registration and installation process are pretty straightforward as well. If you're a share-all-the-things psycho like me, you should register for a free Dropbox account now, and invite your friends to do the same (that's 250 MB more space per referral allowing you to get up to 8 GB...WTF?! That's effin' massive!).

Simplify your life. Get Dropbox today!

Dropbox - Simplify your life

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