Monday, January 23, 2012

Highlight-then-Search a Term Browser Feature

Ever been on a situation where you're reading an article on the web and suddenly there's this one word that's apparently new to you? By instinct, you'd highlight-and-copy the term, go to Google and paste it in to search for its meaning.

Here's a tip: if you're not using it yet, or haven't really noticed it at all, you're in luck (well, if you consider making minor tasks like this less tedious, *heh*). It's the Highlight-then-Search a Term feature of most, if not all, browsers.

The process is rather simple: Highlight. Right-click. Search. 

Google Chrome

Performing the function on Google Chrome is pretty straightforward. Of course, Google will always want you to use their search engine for the query.

Google Chrome - Highlight a Term

Google Chrome Search Results

Microsoft Internet Explorer

If Chrome has Google, Internet Explorer has Bing.

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

With a renewed partnership last December 2011, Google stays as the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox


Of all the browsers I've tried, Opera seems to be the most accommodating when it comes to this feature by allowing its user to choose which search engine to run his query on. Also provided are dictionary and encyclopedia options for clear-cut definition search.

Opera Browser

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