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Browse Faster With FastestChrome

"What's the fastest web browser today?" Google Chrome. Seriously, setting bias aside (because I'm a Google fanboy, and based on my personal experience), it's the best browser there is. Haters gonna hate, but I've tried other popular browsers before I ended up with Chrome. So why go Chrome? To answer that, here's a quick roundup of my personal (note the emphasis) displeasure with the other browsers.

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Internet Explorer - Your Grandfolk's Browser

When Microsoft rolled out Internet Explorer 9, *insert sound of rustling leaves followed by a whistling breeze*. That was my case. I was below-0% keen for its release. I only use IE to download the other browsers and test how the sites I'm working on looks on it. Well, IE 9 presents itself cleaner than its predecessor versions, but still that's just it. I'm not into IE.

Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 9

Mozilla Firefox - Use All The RAM

I remember the days when Firefox used to be my hero browser. Awesome addons. Great developer community. Suddenly, "Firefox has frozen". That was the problem. I mean even with a 3GB memory and an Intel Core2 Duo processor, Firefox loads pages so slow I initially thought the problem was with my PC hardware. Add up the times when the browser would just crash - like die. Slowly. It's disastrous. Same as IE, I'm only touching this browser when I'm testing out how websites are rendered on it.

Mozilla Firefox 10.0
Mozilla Firefox 10.0

The Other-Other Browsers

I've used Opera before but only for a very brief period. There was a time when my internet connection went snail mode and a friend suggested using that browser. In all justice, it does load pages fast, has a great user interface and all, but again that's just it. Safari? I've never tried it. It's Apple's, so it's for a Mac and I'm a PC enthusiast.

Google Chrome, FTW

Chrome is where everything boils down to. Epic extensions range from web developer/designer tools, mail notifiers, password managers to free games - name it, the Chrome Web Store has it. Need more privacy when browsing? Try Google Chrome's Incognito mode. There's just a myriad of other features this browser has to offer so you should probably just download Chrome and discover them yourself. Thank me later.

Google Chrome Version-I-Don't-Care-It's-Just-Awesome.
Google Chrome Version-I-Don't-Care-It's-Just-Awesome.
Refresh 10 or more tabs at once? Challenge accepted.
Take notice of its user interface - it looks absolutely exquisite. 

Faster Browsing with FastestChrome for Google Chrome

If you think Chrome is already fast enough, you have no idea what "fast" really is. Try FastestChrome - an extension for Google Chrome. Originally was and still is a popular Firefox addon that goes with the name *drumroll* FastestFox, it's functionality is entirely remarkable. Mainly, it auto-loads subsequent pages when you scroll down near the end of the web page (which means that you really don't have to click on "next page" or "next results"), and looks up definitions instantly just by highlighting terms, among other features. To learn more about how it works, here's a video:

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For your questions and/or suggestions, drop me a line at the comment section below. Merry browsing!

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