Saturday, November 12, 2011

Catmondaan, Catmon - The Green Escape

Last June, I decided to go hiking with my father at his hometown, Catmon. I honestly don't know much about the locality. I've only gone there for like 15 instances in my whole life, about 10 of which I can barely recall. Here’s an informative snippet from

"Catmon is a 5th class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 27,330 people. It is located 57 kilometers from the Cebu City next to the town of Carmen. The Municipality of Catmon is 57.4 km north from Cebu City. It is situated along the sea coast. Bounded on the north by the Municipality of Sogod; on the South by the Municipality of Carmen; on the West by the Municipality of Tuburan; and on the East by Camotes sea. Topography: The Municipality of Catmon is generally mountainous and hilly and patches of flat lands can be found along the coastline and portion of the poblacion."
It only takes around an hour or two on the bus from the Cebu North Bus Terminal to the municipality road-side proper. From the highway, you'll have the option to either hire a habal-habal (just the usual motorcycle carrying around 4-5 people with a professional ex-motocross driver who's able to maneuver through craggy terrain while trying to avoid falling off the cliff – really, I don't know the English translation for that term uh, repetitive humping?), or consider avoiding your “final destination” and just take the route by foot - like a boss.
This article was originally posted on my now-gone blog (ImageBurner) on November 12, 2011.  

Of course…We took the bait. The sun was brightly shining that day. It would take us about 3-4 hours on rough estimate to reach the grandfolks by bipedal endeavor. I would have loved to just walk the trail (I haven’t exercised for ages), but the old man’s quite in a hurry – keyed up to see his planted hard work in green. Even with a decent job here at the city, something just keeps pulling him back to that place. A 2-day vacation even seemed reasonable enough for him to come home. Anyways, the ride would only eat up half of the path. At least we’d still have to tread the other half. We didn't bring much load - just some undies and a set of up-and-down. In any instance, I would always end up wearing my father's archaic clothing of early-life being kept for eons.

I brought a digi-cam (I know, DSLRs were the s***! – luckily, I’m broke, and it was just borrowed from a friend) and took some shots. You might want to scroll down and enjoy the scenery. :)

That's like 5-stories high. Some balls of steel on the old man. 

Uh, the black stuff - that's bird s***. Kid'ya!


Clearing out.

Just carrying some banana shoots for relocation.

The weed farm! *haha* That's how ampalayas are grown.

Trekking through the rocky stream.
A thriving corn field. 


Imagine a zipline.

Sweat out. Reach the peak. Stare at the open sea.


Needs moar green!

A hawk, or an eagle?


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