Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sinulog 2011: That Cebuana Smile

My mindset's a bit staggered on how to start this off so I suppose I'll just cram all the images in here. Before anything else though, credits go to my good friend JML who granted me authority to copy-paste all these pictures from the albums of his Facebook account. (These were fantastic shots, bay!)

If my memory still serves me right, these were from the Sinulog Festival 2011 31st Grand Parade (January 16, that one damp Sunday). The downpour however didn’t stop the influx of people from different places to partake in the festivity at the Queen City of the South. “Ingon sila grasya daw na kung mag-ulan basta Sinulog  (They say it’s a good omen when it rains on the day of the Sinulog celebration),” some people might say. How about telling that to those who had henna tattoo and then got soaked in the drizzle afterwards. Poof! Abstract art. Nah, just kidding!

This article was originally posted on my now-gone blog (ImageBurner) on November 09, 2011.  

Cutting to the chase, I present to you the beautiful Cebuanas. 

Spoiler Alert: 1/14 of these images = massive ROFL!

MASSIVE ROFL! Sorry we had to include this. Why so serious?! :P

Those were the street performers. Heads up! How about some pretty figures from the festival floats?

Si ku-an mana oh.. Si.. (Hey, that's... Uh, that's...)

...and our sweet Cebuana cosplayers!


Kawaii overload!

Of course, who could just simply pass by without a glimpse of these gorgeous spectators!

More pics to come! Stay tuned!

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