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Bibiano Wenceslao
Howdy! Name's +Bibiano Wenceslao (@bibianowency). I hail from Cebu, Philippines. There's really nothing much interesting about me. You could say that I'm just that regular guy who would be sitting beside you inside a PUV; falls in line with people at a local grocer; and plays DotA at a public internet cafe - just the common dude. I work online on freelance jobs. I'm a frustrated architect, painter, and graphics artist. I like the following in no particular order: food (too nonspecific? YEP, anything edible! LOL), beer, chocolate mousse, coffee, buwad (dried fish), my girlfriend's tinuwang isda (fish soup - or whatever that's named in English), plain shirt with simple decals (I dread the formal-look), jeans, pork-and-beans, music (from classical to death metal - HAH!), chucks, my laptop, Adobe Photoshop, Google Chrome, Google.com, Windows 7, and of course, the internet. I could go forever writing about more things I like but you'll eventually get bored of reading them anyways. For more info, check me out on Google+ & Twitter, or read this.

The Site

PC Tips and Tuts started out as an online journal about my everyday encounters with the PC - may it be newly acquired knowledge, a problem that I solved or even a technical misery that you wouldn't even want to go through. Progressively, the blog's starting to shape into a knowledge base for everything PC.

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If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can @mention or directly message me at Twitter and or drop me a message at Google Plus. Need some free tech support? Drop your problem at our Q & A section. If you're lucky enough to catch me online, I might just be able to help you google for the solution in case the site doesn't yet have what you are looking for.

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